What Makes Coogi Sweaters So Special?

What Makes Coogi Sweaters So Special?

Coogi is a premium Australian fashion brand that has emerged as one of the most popular streetwear names. So, what is it that makes this brand so special and why is it so popular not just in Australia, but also in America? Find the answer here.

What is Coogi?

Coogi is an Australian fashion brand and has become well known for its coogi style sweater that features unconventional patterns. Besides clothing, the brand also offers cosmetics, textiles, leather goods, and toiletries among other products.

Coogi became popular in the late 20th century and early 21st century. When the fashion elements from the 90s became popular again, the brand made its comeback. It launched its special collection that centered around menswear.

Coogi sweaters have continued to remain popular since then. A noteworthy reason its sweaters are in so much demand is because many A-List celebrities have given the brand too much airtime. As retro and vintage are always in trend, these sweaters are also always in fashion.

Some of the main features of Coogi sweaters are as follows:

  • The cotton panel features the trademark elements that are associated with this globally recognizable brand
  • It features asymmetrical lines, different forms of textures, and bright colors
  • The name Coogi often recalls the sweater from the 90s that came to be known as the Cosby Sweater
  • The early focus was to produce sweaters and promote them to the European and American visitors
  • The fabrics are believed to be designed to remind of the rich horizons and culture of Australia

The Coogi Sweater Pattern

When it comes to the Coogi sweater pattern, there are three elements that give it its unique look and feel. This includes:

  • A wide range of textures
  • Asymmetrical wave shapes
  • Bright colors

These sweaters get their spirited vibrance from these three elements. As mentioned above, these elements stand for the striking culture and scenery of Australia. This pattern features asymmetrical wave shapes and a wide range of textures. The pattern has become both a brand and a status symbol in itself.

Coogi Sweater’s Popularity

Coogi became big in the mid-1990s when the brand was famously mentioned in a couple of chartbuster songs. This led to its entry into American fashion streets, making it one of the most widely recognized brands globally. Even today, Coogi is classified as a luxury brand and priced premium.

Today, Coogi is recognized as a designer luxury brand. Some of the hallmarks of this brand include:

  • High quality
  • Rarity
  • Authentic quality
  • Rich heritage

Over the years, it has carved itself a special place in the vintage and retro niche. Its quality is simply indisputable. It is not surprising that Coogi sweaters are exceptionally scarce. The sweaters fly off the online and offline shelves as quickly as they are stocked.

This vintage royalty is worth every penny you pay for it. The years of experience and expertise that go behind the brand ensure that the sweaters are made to last and retain their look and feel for years at a stretch.